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The Apple Way

by: Andrew Wilkes

Whenever the New York Yankees go on a short term losing streak, does anybody still ever lose complete belief that they will win again? Of course not. The reason the Yankees have the success over the course of their franchises can be pointed to one thing that has the ability to stay constant, fundamentals. The Yankee way it is known as.

Well I’m coining the phrase, “The Apple Way.”

The Apple Way is simply the underlying assertion that they will break through in some way or fashion through game changing innovation capabilities. No matter how much I despise the Yankees, I will not put my money against the Yankee management and no matter how many analyst want to see a new player in technology come in, I will not put my money against Apple.

If anything, I’d put my money on Apple. After a 7 month stock tumble from its high of above $700 the past is behind. We can face reality, Apple makes a great product, the iPhone and iPad changed the game but now that everybody has one why buy a new one? That seems like a reason to sell Apple stock, they have sold the market dry and already own a tremendous share after their culture changing products. But this is where the Apple Way comes in. We know what kind of growth potential is possible from Apple. We know what kind of fundamentals they have in place. We know that we live in a technology driven market where one product can be targeted to improve the lives of each person in the world. This demand of technology leaves a big opportunity for suppliers and Apple is the leading candidate. If you wait until the official press release of new products you will have already been too late. Watch the Apple way run its course and see the stock’s price rise with it. 


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