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Lebron James In His Prime: We Are Witnesses to Greatness


by: Andrew Wilkes

Growing up I’ve always wished that I was old enough in the 90s to have seen the great Michael Jordan in his prime. Now, I am content to be able to bear witness to the most dominant player at this time in the world, Lebron James.

As of today, Lebron set a new NBA record that none of the great ones of NBA past have ever been able to do and that is score 30 or more points and shoot at least sixty precent from the field in five consecutive games.

Nevertheless, the debate can go on and on for ever. Lebron or Kobe, Lebron or MJ but quite frankly I believe we should look it at from a different perspective. Look at these great players from an era stand point. MJ had his time of greatness, the 1990s where he won an unprecedented six NBA Championships en route to the greatest basketball career to ever.

Then, in the 2000s there was the Black Mamba. Kobe Bryant was young and in the precious prime of his career where he averaged 28 points per game and hauled in five NBA titles.


The greatest player of the 1990s, Michael Jordan; the greatest player of the 2000s, Kobe Bryant; the greatest player of the 2010s, yet to be decided.

I say yet to be decided but I believe we all see the writing on the wall.

Just how Michael stole majority of the titles from Charles Barkley, John Stockton among others and the way Kobe kept Iverson and Michael Redd from obtaining their rings, Lebron will limit great players such as Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul from ever winning numerous championships because that is just what great era defining players do, win championships.



Every era has their own great players and in each era the great players come out on top in the end. In the 1960s, Bill Russell and the Boston Celtics won nine NBA championships; In the 1980s Magic Johnson and the Showtime Lakers pulled out five titles; the 1990s saw Michael Jordan take home six and the 2000s gave Kobe five rings.

Now, as we enter the 2010s one can only assume that Lebron’s time as started. He already took one title home in 2012 and in 2013 he is showing that even when we thought he could not get any better, he has.

Lebron James, who is 28, is beginning his prime just like Michael Jordan himself did at a similar age. Michael Jordan won his first championship at the age of 28 and his last at 35.

It is well known that the prime of a basketball player’s career is his late 20s early thirties and Lebron is entering that time and the way I see it there is nobody who will stop his path to greatness.

As we love to do, in ten years we will look back at the 2010s era of NBA basketball as Lebron’s time where King James reigns over all and keeps majority of the championships to himself because we have learned that all the great ones have one thing in common and it’s that they win.

So for all the debate who is the greatest basketball player my advice is let it rest. Frankly, there will never be a player who is considered by everybody the greatest to ever live. It is all a matter of opinion and I believe we should take each player for what they are, a once in a lifetime chance to watch a God-Given talent perform on the court. Each era will have their great one and lets stop worrying about who is the greatest ever and just begin to respect Kobe as he finishes his last couple of years and be in awe of Lebron as he begins his prime years and journey to be one of the greatest ever. We Are All Witnesses.


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