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2013 NFL Playoffs: AFC Who will win and why?

AFC match ups

It is here. The NFL playoffs. Every saturday and sunday be prepared to be glued to your TV for 3 hours and cheering on whomever you want to win. Here, I will give you my take why each team will win and why they will not.

Game 1: Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos


Why Baltimore will win: John Harbaugh. I love this guy. He coaches with such great passion and intelligence and seems to be one of the most prepared coaches each and every week. There is a reason why this guy has made it to the playoffs each of the six years he has been a head coach. Also, do not forget about Ray Lewis. This greatest middle linebacker to play the game will not go down without a fierce battle.

Why Baltimore will lose: Joe Flacco struggles on the road. Flacco overthrew his intended receiver on 46.3% of his attempts at least 15 yards downfield on the road, the worst percentage in the league. At home, Flacco overthrew his receiver on 26.7% of his attempts.(According to ESPN) Flacco’s QBR on the road was ranked 32nd the entire league, barely behind the great Carson Palmer.(sarcasm)

Why Denver will win: This one should be a no brainer. You have one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time who is having an MVP caliber season. Just as Flacco’s QBR is terrible on the road, Peyton’s is incredible at home. Peyton Manning leads the League in QBR at home by 11 points. Denver averages 4.1 yards per carry at home and the Sheriff is practically unstoppable, I don’t care if you have the Ninja Turtles on defense.

Why Denver will lose: Ray Lewis. If somehow Ray Lewis can spark Ed Reed, Benard Pollard and company, maybe they can pull this one out. Ray Lewis will definitely influence players around him to be great lets just hope they can force Peyton to make some mistakes downfield that leads to turnovers.

Prediction: Denver 28 – Baltimore 10





Game 4: Houston at New England

What will Schaub do?






Why Houston will Win: Houston still is the same dominant Houston from the beginning of the season. Arian Foster is healthy, Matt Schaub is not terrible and the defense has a lot of momentum. Even though the Bengals are not much of a team Houston still eliminated any 3rd down conversions in their last game. Foster has the second most rushing yards all time in his first thee postseason starts and he looks to add on to that with ease.

Why Houston will lose: Matt Schaub is average, at best. If one thing is obvious in the NFL it is the teams with the best QBs make it far. It will be too easy for New England to take out Foster and force Schaub to make plays. When you are not balanced in this league, teams will find your strength and take it away. Schaub has thrown three interceptions and zero yes zero TDs in his past three games. Somebody get this man a jacket he is cold.

Why New England will win: New England are one of those lucky teams who can send out an elite QB every week. No doubt Tom Brady is the leader and the force behind their success. They are the fourth seed for the fourth time in franchise history and have made it to the super bowl two of those times. It will be a cold brutal day for the Texans in Foxborough.

Why New England will lose: Their defense is not the same dominant defense as in their dynasty days. NE allows an average of 373 yards per game. So one could expect them to not be able to stop foster and then Schaub begin to hurt them with play action passes. Whenever you posses a running game with Arian Foster that allows you to keep a good offense off the field such as NE’s you build yourself a big advantage. That could very well be the case here.

Tom will be poised for a big gamePrediction: New England 21 – Houston 14





Andrew Wilkes


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