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Who’s to blame for the LA Lakers struggles?


Why will the LA Lakers will not make the playoffs this year?

Two words. Phil Jackson.

The Lakers have proven a lot of things this season. One being nobody on the team is comfortable with any offense but Phil Jackson’s triangle.

After coaching the Lakers to 5 NBA Championships in 11 years, why would any Laker want to change out of one of the most productive offenses in our era. The triangle perfectly allowed Kobe to flow with Gasol and Bynum. Even in the earlier years with Shaq it just seemed all to easy for the uber entertaining Lakers. Now those days are over and the Lakers are more talented than ever, they are more pathetic than ever. 5th from last in points allowed per game and hovering around 15th in the power rankings the Lakers have transitioned to average.

But who’s to blame?

It’s not Kobe who is leading the league in scoring. It is not Nash who cannot get a rhythm in D’Antoni’s offense. It is not even Dwight who is playing like somebody took his superman powers away. It is management.

Why hire Mike Brown then fire him a year later? Ok. You made mistake number one but you have to avoid mistake number two, which they did not. Hiring Mike D’Antoni was mistake number 2. I am not hating on Mike D’Antoni either. He has had a successful coaching career and he deserves the respect. But he was put in a lose lose situation. We all know he runs a pick and roll offense. This is a type of offense that takes time and practice to develop a feel for. When you run a pick and roll offense it can be very effective, but also it can be very painful to watch if not run properly because the amount of turnovers it can produce.

15.3 TO per game and the Lakers let their inability to be a productive offense effect their ability to play defense. We all know, the NBA is full of freak athletes, freak athletes that love to run fast breaks. Ever heard what the best offense is? A good defense. Wanna know what the best defense is? A good offense. When you force teams to take the ball up majority of possessions you won’t have LeBron James or Blake Griffin going coast to coast and putting Gasol on Sportscenter’s Top 10 for getting slammed on.

No matter how good Kobe is, there are four other players and none of them seem comfortable in Mike D’Antoni’s offense. I wonder if hiring him in the middle of the season and having to learn on the fly a complicated offense that takes preseason time to develop has anything to do with the struggles. But I am just Andrew Wilkes, First United Methodist Church League Basketball MVP and reigning League champion, not the GM of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Andrew Wilkes


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