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Saban: Controlling his own dynasty

Nick Saban holding up his third crystal ball in four year. His fourth in eight years of college coaching.

Nick Saban holding up his third crystal ball in four year. His fourth in eight years of college coaching.

If you haven’t heard, yes the Alabama Crimson Tide won the BCS national championship. Oh yeah they did it last year too. I almost forgot about winning in 2009 also. So now that it is a general consensus that Nick Saban himself has turned this era of football into crimson and white, lets just take a step back and respect how why this is so impressive.

It was this easy it would’ve been done several times. But It has not. There have been very few “dynasty” football programs in the history of college football and lucky for us we are right witnessing one in its most dominant form. Besides the fact that Johnny football was playing like an NCAA video game that day in Tuscaloosa and other than in 2011 vs. LSU when Bama’s kicker couldn’t kick a can on a street even if it was on the edge of a sewer drain, the Tide haven’t lost since Cam Newton & Company won the Iron Bowl in 2010.(That Cam guy was pretty good if I do recall)

Why is it so difficult for colleges to dominate like this? Just recruit all the best to your school and boom you have a winner.

No. Not even close. If recruiting equalled wins then USC would have a 10 year dynasty.

There are reason why Alabama has been and will be better than everybody else as long as ole Nick is in charge and here is why:

1) The way he recruits. It is one thing to recruit good players. It is also one thing to recruit a lot of good players. This is what Alabama does, but so does about 30 other colleges. Nick Saban gets the best character guys that are the best players. And if you have a questionable attitude with you athleticism then it is guaranteed either a) you will not be around long or b) you will change for Nick. When you recruit and develop great guys who stay out of allegations, arrest, and drugs then their athleticism will shine even brighter. Saban has a knack for going to a  high school game recruiting one guy and coming out with a complete other. That is one trait that separates him from your average head ball coach.

2) He has his hand in everything. This is also quite impressive. In an industry where coaches flop around like a 30′ inch redfish that I catch with live shrimp off the coast of Louisiana. You have 2 successful seasons as an asst. then you will surely get a better offer from another school in no time. And Alabama has the golden pot for hiring universities. So often, a team losing a coordinator or a position coach and things just hit the fan. Not with Saban. He has his hands everywhere. I am convinced that Saban could actually coach the whole team offense, defense, and special teams all by himself. Whenever one coach leaves Saban either hires the exact man he wants or he hires somebody and teaches them what he wants. Making his team as consistent as possible year in and year out. He is smart enough to control every phase so every phase will always be done to his liking.

3) Another incredible feat is his ability to keep college kids focused. Alabama. Pretty southern girls. Great bar scene. Great frat scene. This is a 18 year old’s dream in one town with a few DUIs and other charges just waiting to happen. But somehow he manages to keep his players focused. It is one thing to be talented, but a complete other to be focused consistently. He does it by never accepting failure. Always coaching and always looking to improve. He relates with players with analogies and comparisons each week and new opponents come with a new speech Saban has rendered to explain how they should not believe in the 20 point favorite that is put on their upcoming game. Keeping 110 18-22 year old focused on a goal constantly, just flat out remarkable.

So all you tide fans don’t expect Saban to go anywhere just yet. I cannot see him making another run in the NFL and he will have a job in Tuscaloosa as long as he would like. The only thing you guys would worry about his him getting bored with winning all the time and wanting a new challenge. Every fierce competitor thrives off of having a challenge and Saban is the model for a competitor. He is set to make 5.5 mill this year so he is the highest paid coach in football, Tide fans just hope that he doesn’t ever find that winning championships is too easy and begins to look for something new. Until then, Roll on will the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Andrew Wilkes


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